Sofia Data Center

A secure, speedy and stable home for your hosting

Sofia is a strategic location within the Balkans with access to the EU, Turkey and the Caucasus.

Connectivity & cable management

As a carrier neutral Data Center, located in a former telephony exchange, Nextpointhost operates two independent duct entrances towards the city infrastructure. Each entrance consist of 20 Ф110mm ducts, terminated into two separate entrance rooms into the building, enabling redundant DF access to our premises. Direct connectivity to the fiber rings of most of the long haul carriers and major local and International ISP’s backbones lets the Nextpointhost customers to have a wide choice of service options at no additional local loop or cross connect cost.

To meet our customers’ growth needs and respond to fast-changing traffic demands, we’ve designed cabling infrastructure that allows flexible and scalable interconnection configurations. All cables for power and fiber/copper are laid at separate A&B overhead cable trays providing rapid cable management provisioning of bandwidth from a large choice of providers in the meet-me areas. Nextpointhost employs open cross connect policy which allows customers to directly connect to any other customer or telecom within the center on a cost base one time charge and no additional monthly fees. A broad choice of speeds and media types is supported to meet the customer demands.

Cross connects are established quickly and easily by our technicians 24x7 and we support on stock cables for intra-cabinet wiring such as Coax, CAT5/6, Single-Mode Fiber, Multi-Mode Fiber.

Green Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) system

Nowadays Data Centers are scaled on power. As the demand for cooling continues to increase, our modern and Green Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is a key feature of the premium infrastructure we provide to customers.

Each data center room is designed with a redundant (N+1) HVAC system to provide stable air flow, temperature and humidity essential for equipment operation. Reliability is in every detail:

  • The co-location rooms are equipped with 60 cm unobstructed raised floor, with all cables for power and data on separate overhead cable trays, which enables pressurizing with cold air. The perforated floor panels deliver cold air to the exact locations needed to cool the load – in front of the racks. The environment is maintained at 21°C ±2°C with 50% humidity.
  • Designed for 6 kW per rack average power consumption, Cold Aisle Containment System (CACS) is used for all areas where Nextpointhost provides racks. That approach extends the power density achievable with normal flow-through ventilation of cold air up-to 10-12kW per rack.
  • Additionally ultra-high density zones with upto 30 kW per rack are supported in order to accommodate custom build-outs and in-row cooling cabinets.

Power Supply

Nextpointhost data center is designed to provide a scalable power infrastructure with the highest level of reliability. Our colocation center provides a minimum of N+1 redundancy for every power system element, delivering the highest power quality and uptime to our customers

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems prevent power spikes, surges, and brownouts while redundant backup diesel generator group provides additional fuel to keep the data center powered up in the event of public utility failure. The entire electrical system has built-in redundancy to ensure continuous operation.

  • Four independent electrical feeds @10kVA, to two different 110kVA grid sub-stations, are powering a transformer station with two redundant transformers. Sophisticated Automatic Transfer Switch system, designed with Siemens components, reconfigures low voltage power sourcing, upon outages or excessive high urgencies fed into the UPS groups. Manual electrical power source selection system @ 10kV is in place, in case of need to switchover different power feeds.
  • AEG’s SVS series UPS system provide the two separate groups each with N+1 redundancy. Each UPS unit has it's own dedicated battery string with Exide’s batteries sized for 20 min backup time at full load.
  • The building has a newly redesigned and constructed lightning protection system with air terminals, down conductors and ground rods. All components in the data center rooms are also grounded for both equipment and occupant’s safety.
  • The Main Power Distribution Units (A&B) and the floor PDUs (A&B) are based on ABB.
  • All power cable paths and systems are fully A+B redundant, using separate cable trays, routes, with all PDU’s, ATS and equipment separated physically in different rooms.

Security & Safety

Protecting your assets is our biggest priority. In order to create safe and secure environment we have implemented sophisticated security system that incorporates admission control, video surveilence, fire detection and suppression, customer contact profiling. Nextpointhost maintains a team of on-site armed security staff 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Major challenge that we have met was to achieve maximum level of security and safety, while keeping the procedures of getting access to the hosted equipment swift and simple.

At the security post in the mail entrance to the building all visitors are screened upon entry to verify identity, and if necessary, escorted to appropriate locations by technical personnel. Access history is recorded and communicated to the administrative contacts of the respective customer.

Nextpointhost facility operates 24 hour 7 days per week access for customers.

  • Armored, fire resistant doors
  • Card access to the Lobby
  • 24/7 Armed Guards
  • Alarm Security System
  • Panic Button
  • Additional Mobile Armed Guards on call
  • Card access to the premises
  • Daily visitor logs
  • Strict access control for all visitors
  • Individual locks to all server cabinets
  • 24/7 video surveillance of the entire premises
  • Security records provided upon request

Fire detection and suppression

Nextpointhost has implemented BOSCH fire detection and suppression system with laser-based Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA). Following local legislation and best practices we have the following safety elements in place:

  • Multi-zoned detection for all areas.
  • Zoned, gaseous based fire extinguishing system. Environment and humane friendly NAF S 125 gas agent
  • Dual alarms - heat and/or smoke activation
  • All doors, including power generators, PDU’s, UPS, battery, co-location rooms, storage are auto lockable, fireproofed steel doors, that can withstand 72 minutes of open fire without constructive malformations.
  • All cable paths that are room to room crossings are filled in with Intumescent firestop sealant.
  • All floors and rooms are equipped with hand-held CO2 & Dry powder fire extinguishers, as required by local fire regulations.