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Strategically Situated at Financial Hubs

Location matters. To ensure our clients have ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE and speeds we placed our servers in the biggest global financial hubs.

  • Direct X-Connect
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • AlwaysUp Protection
  • Increased execution speed
  • All Expert Advisors are supported
  • All Brokers are supported
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Access from any device
  • All trading styles are allowed
  • NO hidden extra costs
  • 24/7 Support
  • Read full technical specs
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If you don't see your broker on the list, please contact us and we will perform a latency test for you.

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24/7 Access of your Forex VPS no matter what kind of device use!

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Best Forex VPS Hosting for Financial Trading!

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High Speed

Host for FX brokers' servers. Direct connections with most major brokers. Ultra-low latency beside others. Guaranteed exponentially faster delivery of trade orders at server on your broker.

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Enhanced Tick Count

Low latency means no ticks are lost in transit, so you receive every single tick. This is important because software can only work when it receives a tick.

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Minimized Slippage

Low latency + resilient, hardware server virtualization, enterprise-class virtual machines results in immediate processing of every tick, minimizing slippage.

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Our Own Network

We operate our own strategically placed server network (net forex). The bucks stop here, when it comes about uptime and quality of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a forex vps?

Automated Trading Platform

Forex Virtual Private Server (a.k.a Forex VPS) allows currency trader to improve Algorithmic trading results and run automated expert advisors (EA), non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn't matter what software trading platform you are using. Original currency exchange servers are compatible with all known automated software platforms — cTrader, AlgoTrader, MetaTrader, JForex, NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MultiCharts and other.

6 Reasons about use Forex VPS Server!

Forex Virtual Private Server (a.k.a Forex VPS) allows forex traders to run trading robots non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here are reasons you might to consider switch your EA on a Forex VPS instead to trade on your own computer directly:

  • Reduce your Slippage. NextPointHost's service have 10 000 times lower latency compared to 3/4G GSM Networks.
  • Trade even if your power or internet connectivity goes out. Be independent of power supply and Internet provider.
  • Access to your robot anywhere from any kind of device.
  • Stable EA functioning.
  • 24/7 Technical support 24/7.
  • Ability to store files on your own online hard disk.

Can I immediately use Forex VPS Server?

Yes, NextPointHost's Forex VPS are ready to use, specially optimized systems for Forex Traders and Automated Trading. They come with preinstalled terminals and AlwaysUP protection. All you will need to do is log in to your MetaTrader 4 account, or download and install other software you would like to use.

What are supported payment methods for vps forex server?

We accept PayPal , Credit/Debit Cards, Skrill, PerfectMoney, Bank Transfers, Western union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies payments for vps forex. If you overpay, credit will be applied to your account; this allows you to prepay if desired. Account credit is always used before charging other type of payments for ongoing service (if there is no active PayPal subscription).

Can Forex VPS Server increase my earnings?

Currency exchange is business with high risk, where no one share completely what exactly doing. We can not give you 100% accurate answer. Keep in mind that what may work very nicely for someone else may be a disaster for you. Conversely, that has been discounted by others, may turn out to be right for you. This means you need to use service at least 2-3 months, then personal to see how much your income will be increased. The feedback we get from our satisfied customers is that their incomes are increased with more than 50%.

Do I need additional knowledge toward using Forex VPS Server?

No. Our high quality forex servers use same OS as your local PC. Think of them as a high speed computer, working without interuptions 24/7. More information can be found at our Forex VPS Starter Guide.

Is there a difference between “Forex VPS” and “VPS”?

“FOREX VPS” is the best tool of professional automated currency traders, also known as “Bulls”. They use product for achievement top results in financial markets. On other hand, term “VPS” is a software virtual machine. By default, with Linux operation system. This is type of web service used as place, where website's files and databases are stored. Some web software service providers, use confusions of the names. To mislead automated currency traders, that they can buy a cheap software service suitable for automated trading. This is not true.

Do you offer 24/7 Insanely fast support with a heart?

YES. Our support agents are available 24/7 for Live Chat or Ticketing support. We add our unique solutions to any platform and improve its performance! We'll put up personal profiles of all our employees. Each time you get in touch with one of our representatives via our Support Center, you will be able to see their profile with technical background, years of experience, specific areas of expertise and interests. Putting the face behind the name and the title in the digital age makes communication more human — and ultimately far more pleasant.

How can I install programs on Forex VPS Server?

The installations of additional software happens in the same way as you do it on your local PC. You have to run the installation .exe file and following the installation wizard. You can launch Chrome or Firefox to browse the internet, access email, etc., and download any applications that you might need. Of course, if you would like help install any software that is not pre-included, we will be happy to assist. Simply open a support ticket to request assistance with something.

ForexVPS and Automated Expert Advisors.

When it comes to forex trading, avoiding latency and maintaining platform connectivity is a trader’s most essential asset. Every millisecond is vital for success of your trades. The excellent software Expert advisor works hand in hand with excellent environment. Otherwise, it can not achieve anything. Thus, the usage of a reliable forex virtual private server is necessary condition for successful automated trading. Placing Expert Advisors on a Forex virtual private server is a great option for Algorithmic trader to earning more, using EA’s around the clock during trading hours.

What are benefits of recommending forex vps server?

We have an affiliate program that allow you to earn 50% fees for each Forex VPS activated via your affiliate code. For more information visit our Affiliate page or ask our support team.

ForexVPS and Forex Signals.

Signal Providers all over the world use forexvps as reliable instrument for sending trading signals to the end traders. They are setting up a MetaTrader 4 on a Forex Virtual Private Server in order to avoid divergence between the signal provider’s performance and signal receiver. This ensures will never a miss a trade entry, trade management or profit taking opportunity. For the best results both end of signal (sender and receiver) must be on forex server. Such system is much more reliable and less prone to crashes than standard computer.

Where I can find more information about Forex VPS Server?

The NextPointHost is oldest Forex Hosting provider in the world. We created the whole new section of the hosting business. In ours Forex VPS Useful Links will find the reachest collection how to guides, classified in several subcategories.

Technology behind Fastest, Most Reliable ForexVPS

Move your platform to a remote server for enhanced performance, security, and ease-of-use

Forex Hosting Features

  • Exponentially Faster Execution Speeds
  • Enhanced Tick Count
  • Minimized Slippage
  • Strategic Proximity Trade Data Centers
  • Technological Superiority & Innovation
  • 24/7 Support by TOP Forex Specialists
  • Maximum Security

Resources of each Hosting Plan

  • Dedicated CPU Power: 2 x Intel Xeon vCPU
  • Guaranteed RAM: 3GB
  • SSD Disk Space: 40GB
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • 10Gbps NextPoint Speed Guarantee
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Recommended for up to 10 standard trading accounts

Stress-Free & Easy to Use

  • Forex Ready System
  • AlwaysUP Protection
  • Access from Any SmartPhone or Tablet
  • Access from Any Computer
  • Preinstalled Platforms
  • 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Gain Edge Optimizations

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • cTrader / cAlgo
  • NinjaTrader
  • JForex
  • TradeStation
  • MultiCharts

GRAB solid, Foreign Currency Exchange Server!

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Joomla Hosting
  • Drupal Hosting
  • OpenCart Hosting
  • Magento Hosting
  • PrestaShop Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • FTP Hosting
  • PHP Hosting
  • MySQL Hosting
  • cPanel Hosting
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