Best Practices

Described formally and in details working methods that are accepted by traders as being the best to use.

          In this section of NextPointHost's website will find instructions how to resolve, at the best possible way issues from usage of Forex VPS Server. You'll receive knowledge about how to optimally use, manage, and optimize the server. Of course will learn how to protect and maintain the security of your trading environment and much more. All articles are written by hosting experts and give you professional and clear explanation of the topics. The techniques has been tested from skilled system administrators under surveillance of senior software engineers and the best forex traders on the planet. They are secure and safe for use even from beginners. You can be sure if you follow them, will not harm trading environment. The main motive for the development of these series of articles is to teach you how to maintain continuous 24/7 trading, regardless of the situation in which you are located. To find out how to unlock the full power of the original forex server. As a final result, you'll get a competitive edge before all other forex traders.

     Don't try to use our "know-how" on vps servers which comes from our competitors or on local computer! These are copies. Replicas of the original product.  They don't have the same quality and don't use the advantages of our property technologies, as AlwaysUP Protection®Never Reboot Protection®, DIRECT X-Connection, etc. Use only the original forex servers by NextPointHost! Otherwise the results will be unpredictable. NextPointHost cannot ensure, the knowledge gained in our tutorials, will work on the servers of our competitors! We will not be responsible for any money loss, data loss or software damages or any other problems in case of usage our advices under platforms of 3rd parties. Repeating of steps into 3rd party platforms will be under your own risk!

     Our goal is to give you clear and accurate knowledge. The "NextPointHost" differentiated from all misleading or fake tutorials written with idea to trick you, to buy service from specific provider. Don't be surprised, if in the next lines read about things, that no one else writes about.  They are the truth. This is the opposite side of the medal that nobody wants to talk about.

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