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This tutorial is designed to give you an overview of Forex Market, help you configure your Forex Server and use the tools we’ve created in the best possible way. Here you'll find also profitable expert advisors made by our partners, you will see the hidden successful strategies of the bulls and will explorer the marketplace with information and offers of world-class signal providers. If you haven’t already signed up for a NextPointHost account, you might want to do so now because you will need to recreate some of the steps in your own NextPointHost Customer Area. To get started, simply choose a forex hosting plan.

Step 1: Understand the Forex Market

  • Forex Trading for Beginners.
  • All the animals inside the financial market jungle! Who is who?
  • Most important terms in Forex trading.
  • Forex Hosting Crafted with Care.

Step 2: Learn the technologies behind Original NextPointHost Server

Step 3: Set Up Your Original Server

Step 4: Learn More about the TOP Expert Advisors and FX Robots

  • What is Expert Advisor in Forex Trading.
  • Advantages of using a Forex Expert Advisor (EA).
  • EA Scams and How Forex Traders Can Avoid Them?
  • TOP Ranking Expert Advisors.

Step 5: Successful Trading Strategies

  • What is 'Forex Trading Strategy'.
  • How to Build a Trading Strategy.
  • The Best Forex Strategies.

Step 6: Forex Signals and Trade Copier Providers

  • What are Forex Trading Signals?
  • Under the hood of Trade Copier Software.


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