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NextPointHost buys thousands of VPS servers from a forex broker - Monday, September 18, 2017

Dear valued customers,

We want to inform you that from 21 October 2017 ActivTrades does no longer provide a VPS server directly to its clients. NextPointHost as a global leader since 2010 in the delivery of Virtual Private Server (VPS servers) specialized for forex trading, have provided the necessary infrastructure of ActivTrades in order to maintain their white label solution for thousends of forex traders durring the years.

Now we have negotiated a deal for amount of seven figures in EURO with ActivTrades to takes their VPS solution under our control. That's why all forex traders who are use VPS servers from ActivTrades will be able to continue use these servers without any interruptions as usual and after 21 October 2017. All traders with such servers will use great discounts and Exclusive resources which are different then retail prices on our web site.

The benefits you will get after the migration of the Forex VPS service are:

- Full Administrator access which will allow you to install any kind of trading software, experts, indicators and etc on your server alone without to ask for permissions or without to notify ActivTrades or us. EVERYTHING WILL BE UNDER YOUR CONTROL!

- Exclusive access to our unique software for protecting your trades with name AlwaysUP! More information about AlwaysUP can find here!

- You will be able to contact NextPointHost 24/7 support team directly without delays in communication, made by ActivTrades represanatives who in the past years received your requests and then forwaring them to our support for advices.

- You will have access to additional operating system features that are currently disabled.

- You will have access to our Forex VPS Tutorials in our KnowledgeBase

To ensure everything will be fine with your server after October 21, 2017, please contact our support team 24/7 for more information and questions.

Sincerely, the NextPointHost's Forex VPS team!