Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an internet-based marketing practice. In this kind of practice, a company like Nextpointhost gives rewards to the website owner (the affiliate) who brings a visitor or a guest to the company's website to see and inquire about the business. In other words, it is a pact between the affiliate and the online merchant. An affiliate receives a commission or reward when the company's site is visited through the affiliate's site, or when that company makes a sale.

Commissions vary, depending on the action of the visitor once he's inside the website of the online merchant. For example, in Nextpointhost website,  when a visitor buy Forex VPS Basic, the affiliate is given a small commission of $12.5. But the affiliate receives great commission up to $3 650 if someone buy custom made cloud hosting plan. Commission rates start at 5 dollars, but vary from company to company.

This type of business is based on cost per lead or cost per sale. Affiliates receive commission only after a sale (when the company profits through your website). A lot of people now leave their jobs to enter this business. They setup their own websites and become affiliates. It is a very profitable business that could even surpass your previous monthly salaries if you play the game right.

The major advantages or benefits of these affiliate programs are:

- Affiliate programs give rise to online companies like Nextpointhost 
- Affiliate marketing makes easier sales. Companies find it less difficult to sell their products and services online.
- Business saves on cost in sale sans the salaries needed for actual salespersons. Commissions given to affiliates are cheaper.
- Becoming an Nextpointhost affiliate is a good opportunity to augment your income even if taken as a part-time job only. 
- Affiliates can work from home. An office is not needed.
- Promoting a website is very easy. Add your advertisements in just a click.
- It reduces stress that's normal in a daytime job.
- This is a good option for people nearing their retirement age.
- Earn money even if you're offline. Your website is being visited by millions of visitors a day even while you're sleeping.

This program is best suited to students, housewives and the elderly. They can earn even from their homes.

Of course there are some disadvantages also:

- Commissions take some time to get to the affiliate 
- Promoting your website will take a few months. You will only begin to generate money when your website is viewed by many visitors in a day.
- Not all websites are interesting to people. It is crucial to offer the right product and/or service.
- Commission rates vary.
- Some companies go bankrupt and decide to close down. In these cases, affiliates don't get paid.
- Commission is not a fixed income and therefore risky.
- Some affiliates make false advertisements.

Study this kind of business carefully before leaving your day jobs permanently. Create a website that will stand out and generate many visitors a day to receive bigger commissions. Otherwise, this may not be a good idea.

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