Principles of Successful Affiliate Marketing


The best thing in the affiliate marketing is that you don't have to invest time and effort to create a product to sell. You just earn a comission by promoting other companie’s services and products.

We recommend to follow one very important rule for the successfull affiliate marketing program : 

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Below you will find few steps for successful affiliate marketing strategy:


You should choose the niche. We are selling a bunch of hosting products:

- Web hosting (Linux Shared hosting)
- Wordpress hosting
- Reseller hosting
- Linux SSD VPS hosting
- Windows Forex VPS hosting
- Linux/Windows Dedicated Cloud Servers.

Depends on your requiremenrs you can choose which one to promote or you can promote the whole website with included all hosting packages.



Depends on what type is your website and what is the exact strategy that you want to follow you can use different advertising tools:
- You can get a ready for use banner from our library, related to the service you want to promote.
- You can use text ads with affiliate URLs, generated by ours URL generator inside your Affiliates Area


The next step is to popularise your Affiliate URL or Banner
You should put it on your website, forum, Facebook group, Twitter account or any other place which you want.

3.1 Where to put your banner or affiliate link ?

You can use your Sidabar Banner Ads or Ads Fields built in your pages.

In order to make the process flow better, you can build a resource page with articles, where you can show and explain why you recommend our services.


Just like the other advertising services, you need traffic. We recommend to promote the pages on social media and search engines.
If your page has unique content it will be easily discovered in search engine and this will bring you needed traffic. You should create content that you competitor cant compete with. Guides that educating the users is very helpful for the faster growing of the page.

The most important thing is to OWN your audience - NOT TO BUY or RENT audience!

What does means the terms "Own audience", "Buy audience" and "Rented audience" ?

Your OWN audience - this is the audience to which you reached using legal methods like unique content, social networks, search engine optimisations and etc.

Bought/Rented audience - this is the audience for which you are paying to reach it like "website boosters" , "Paid audience services", Publishing your affiliate links to the "link farms",  Sending of unsolicited bulk/commercial email (SPAM), Excessive posting on web forums, news groups, chat services or IRC or advertised by any other techniques which we would classify as abusive if they were carried out by Nextpointhost;

It is Absolutely Prohibited to promoting your page using the Bought/Rented audience!  

If we detect using illegal techniques for advertising all your Affiliate commissions will be canceled and your Affiliate account will be terminated immediately without notices!

We recommend to monitor your traffic. There are many tools like Google Analytics, which analyse where the traffic come from. Using this statistics you can see where your traffic mainly came from and to change your strategy if needed.

4.1 Be Mobile

In 2014, mobile accounted for 46% of all affiliate clicks and 26% of all affiliate retails sales. And this is counting... If your website is not mobile friendly this can harm your affiliate traffic. 
In 2015 Google changed its search engine policy - when you search for something from a mobile device, if your website does not have mobile version it will appear on the last pages. 

We strongly recommend to build your website with a mobile version, because you will have an advantage in the search engine processes.


The whole process needs time. Don't Give up. Don't lose hope. It takes time to start earning money. There are people making thousands income from affiliate marketing. You can also be one...


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