Connect to Forex VPS from Android mobile device

In this article you will see how to access your Forex VPS via Remote Desktop Connection on Android mobile device.

1. Download 2X RDP Client from the PlayStore.

2. Open the application and click on Add Connection

2.1 Choose Standard RDP for Connection Type

3. You will be redirected to the connection settings.

3.1 For Alias, fill the name which you want to see as a connection name

3.2 For Server name fill the VPS hostname or IP address

3.3 For username fill the username of your VPS

3.4 Fill your password

3.5 After you complete the connection settings, press on back button and you will be redirected to the created connection

4. Click on it and you will successfully access your Forex VPS

5. You can use the Action bar ( placed on the top of your screen ) in order to use keyboard or mouse

6. If you want to leave your VPS online with working MetaTrader terminal, you must start the Terminal, go to the Action bar and choose the Disconnect button. This will leave your Terminal online and wont Log Off you from the VPS

If you want to see the above steps on a HD video, please review the video below from our official YouTube Channel :

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