How to increase the traffic to my website

Here are few tips from us about how to find and increase your affiliate traffic

Links from other websites

Getting links to your website from other websites is very important part of being successful affiliate. They deliver more traffic to your website independently of the search engines and also help your website to grow up in he search engine rankings.

Posts on forums and blogs

Public forums and blogs can be very good places to promote your website. In this part you should be very careful. Before start promoting your website you should read and understand the exact forum or blog rules. Most of them ban the user in case of spam, so you must build a real account with good posts in the threads and promote according the forum or blog rules. 

You should note that it is Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE to use Link Farms, SEO Boosters or any unidentified traffic sources, because this can bring positive effect on your website for the moment, but hides high risk to be banned in future by all search engines.

In order to understand how to optimise your website correctly, we recommend to read this article : Search Engine Optimisation

Submit articles to article directories

There are many websites where you can post public articles. You can use them to prepare a good article which explain why people should visit your website.

Social Network Promoting

- Try to build more friendships, followers and connections

- Use hashtags when sharing in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This will bring you more audience to your post

- Post a different version of your post to different social media pages

- Share helpful content with included link to your page for more information

Paid Advertising in CPC or CPA programs

The good way to boost your web site traffic legally without any risks from penalty is to use paid advertising programs like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and etc.

You can read more about them here :

Google AdWords

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