How many MetaTrader 4 instances can I run on a Forex VPS

The Virtual Private Server can run simultaneously many trading platforms

The NextPointHost don't put limitation of number of MetaTrader4 platforms that you can use at the same time. This doesn't mean you can use an unlimited number of platforms. The number of maximum platforms that server can handle depends on many factors, which are out of our control. We can't predict all possible situations. These factors are:


On "NextPointHost" hosting packages you will see, the recomended values of trading platfroms. Our Professional Live Chat and Technical Support team, can give you recommendations. These recommendations are based on our long experience in the financial industry and the observations of client's needs, after processing thousands of support requests. Beginners usually start with smallest package. This package is suitable for more than 90% of forex traders. In case you are from the 10% of top traders, you need higher plan, or custom build solution. Don't believe of all marketing tricks used by competitors. You may meet, forex hosting plans with unlimited resources or trading platforms. These are scams, based on customer's naivety. It's like wanting to buy a new car. Then the car's dealer to tell you - "The car have unlimited mileage with one fuel tank" or "The car can reach unlimited maximum speed". Read our tutorial to the end. Then you will understand for how many factors, we have taken into account.

The relations between the trading factors, system resources and maximum number of terminals that Forex Virtual Private Server can handle

How many charts, expert advisors, indicators will be in use:

The opening of additional chart inside trading platform consume resources. It does not matter from the platform used. This is a rule valid for MetaTrader-4, MetaTrader-5, cTrader, cAlgo, JForex, NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MultiCharts and etc. How much resources? This depend on many additional conditions. For example simple chart, which showing the market changes at every 5 minutes, will consume 5 times fewer resources than chart which are showing market changes at every minute. The rule says - complicated grafics needs a lots of resourses. The more complex the chart, the more resources you will use. The same is valid for resource utilization from different experts advisors (EA) and indicators.

What are the templates, scripts and autotrading bots in use:

The growing popularity of Forex trading in the recent years, new brokers and online trading platforms have been constantly emerging on the market. This has made the financial markets accessible not only to banks and large financial institution, but to individual traders as well. As Forex trading has been attracting more and more people with advantages like low initial investment, flexible trading hours and the opportunity for significant profits in a relatively short time, Forex and CFD trading brokers have started developing innovative solutions for an easier, more profitable and time saving trading experience. These are the automated trading bots. They enables even those who have little or no knowledge in the field of finance or economics, to trade successfully. The automated Forex robots are based on complex algorithms that analyze huge amounts of data, monitor the markets and execute trades automatically. The complexity of this software make impossible to accurately predict the resources used by them. Our advice is to check the system requirements for the specific bot. These requirements are defined by software developers after many tests.

The NextPointHost offer wide range of packages and locations. We have the right solution for every different trading case. Our high availbity, low latency infrastructure allow us, to create specially for you, custom made plans.

How long the time the specific config will be in use:

Let's start by talking about what happens inside your trading software, during the trading. Constantly watching the market changes, drawing of different charts, making decisions based on complicated algorithms, opening or closing of trading possitions and etc. Due to "AlwaysUP Protection" the programs inside top quality vps are open for days, months or even years. You see their graphical user interface (GUI). Behind this facade many things happen. The lots of other things are started or stopped, hidden from our eyes. The operating system does leave behind a kind of footprint. Usually in the form of background processes or sub-programs that didn't quite closed. These "leftovers" hog yours system resources. Usually your RAM memory. Once too much of them continue to running, you start to get problems, like a sluggish system, charts that don't open, error messages and etc. The negative effects of the long time running, can be further reinforced by bugs inside the trading software itself. Fortunately, all of these problems disappear with reboot of your trading terminal or VPS server.

It is difficult to understand, the explanations? 

Take a look at the picture below. It says more than thousands words.

Example for long time running config

Here you are seeing, the snippet of "Windows Task Manager". It is showing three different MetaTrader terminals.

  • First terminal running specific configuration since 110 days and consume 527MB RAM.
  • Second terminal running configuration since 20 days and consume 28MB RAM.
  • Third terminal configuration running since 90 days and consume 396MB RAM.

Now take a look what will happens, when restart the terminals which are running long time ago?

Short Time Config

  • The first terminal now consume only 39MB RAM
  • The third terminal now consume only 6MB RAM

The simple restart, reduce resource utilization with 878MB. Now you can utilize these resources to run many additional configurations.

You already know why at the beginning of server use, it can be suitable for some amount of trading terminals, then after long time of use the same server will be suitable for smaller amount of terminals. In order to save money from resource upgrades, we are created our best practices section. There will find many tips and tricks which will keep your server in the best health.

Did you plan to use the server resources for additional assistive software:

In automated trading, avoiding latency and maintaining platform connectivity is a trader’s most essential asset. Every millisecond is vital to the success of your trades! You have full administrator access on the server. That's allow you to install any kind of software. But It isn't recommend to install any additional software, not related to your trading. Installation of software like office pack, email client, windows gadgets and etc. Can exhaust yours system resources. This will lead to delay of your trading applications. The software which you are using at home computer is not designed to 24/7 work under server environment. Installation of such software reduce the amount of terminals which the server can keep at the same time.

What is your trading style. How often do you plan to trade?:

Each forex trader is unique. The various trading styles fit different types of personalities. The every style have different requirments. For example, let's look at NextPointHost's Forex VPS Basic package. Our observation show, that package is suitable for 8-10 MT4 terminals of "Scalper trader". In case that plan is used by "day trader", it's will be sufficient for 10-12 MT4 terminals. The "swing trader" will be able to use between 12 and 15 MetaTrader terminals simulateniously. The "position trader" will be able to use up to 20 or even more terminals. The best way to decide how many terminals you can use on specific plan, is to monitor resource utilization. The recommended values are up to 85% utilization of CPU, RAM, Disk space and etc. In case that your resource utilization is bigger, the best way is to consider resource upgrade. Keep in mind that overloading of VPS server is dangerous. Due to overloaded server, you can lost market changes from which to earn thousands. The successful trader is not niggard. So saved few euros from higher forex vps plan, usually lead to much bigger losses from missed trades. The premium hosting providers allows instant resource upgrades, even without interruption of trading. Using premium provider is a must for future profitable trading.

The specific market conditions and many others:

Constantly changing market conditions are normal for financial trading. Their impact to the maximum number of supported trading instances by virtual server is very small. The impact of this factor is negligible.

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