Remote Connection to Forex VPS from Windows 10

Learn how to connect to Forex VPS

In this article you can see, how you can access your Forex VPS via Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 10.

1. Click on the Start button and type "remote desktop" in order to find the application
1.1 Click on it

Find remote desktop application on Windows 10 start menu

2. Go to the General Tab

Windows 10 Remote desktop main window

2.1. In the Computer field, fill your server hostname or IP address
2.2. In the Username field, fill your username
2.3 Tick on “Allow me to save credentials” in order to save your login details to prevent writing them each time
2.4. Click on Connect

Windows 10 Remote desktop main window with filled access credentials

3. Fill your Password and press Enter

Successful connection with forex vps

You are now connected to your Forex VPS with remote desktop connection.

See the above steps on a HD video at our official YouTube Channel :



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