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NextPointHost AlwaysUp - automatically start MT4 after VPS reboot or MT4 hang

AlwaysUp is custom build application which protects your MetaTrader terminals or any other trading software from accidentally closing, hangs and will start them automatically after VPS reboot! The software is the result of our long experience in hosting business and financial trading.  All its features are designed with the idea to maintain your trading without interruption in all possible situations and to keep you informed about any issues which can lead to financial losses.

AlwaysUp automatically will restart your MetaTrader 4 terminals or any other trading software if it is closed by a mistake, freeze due the bugs or any other reasons. The software also will automatically log in your VPS user, then it start all monitored software in case of VPS reboot.

In the lines below you will read how to use this unique software without analogue into industry.

NOTE : AlwaysUp software is installed by default on each NextPointHost Forex VPS. Its icon is placed on the Desktop. If you are not able to find it, please contact our support team to help you.

1. In order to add your terminals to the automatic monitoring system, please start the AlwaysUp and click on the Add button.

2. Go to your Desktop and mark the exact MetaTrader terminal that you want to protect, then click on the Open button in order to add the MetaTrader terminal in your personal monitoring system.

3. On the screenshot below you can see how it looks when the terminals are added successfully. In order to start the monitoring process, you should press "Start monitoring" button.

4.GO to the "AutoLogin" tab of the user interface (UI) -> Then write your current VPS password and finally click on "Enable" button

The supplied password is saved encrypted on the safe place!  That's why no one can not have access to your server without your permission! 
The AlwaysUP use your password in case if you wrere logout from the VPS by a mistake or if the VPS was rebooted in order to login your account automatically and then to start the monitored applications.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you change the VPS password, please make re-configuration of the AlwaysUP password also, otherwise the Autologin option won't work for you! 

5. The second VERY IMPORTANT step is to Save your MetaTrader Terminal credentials! Otherwise the trading software will be restarted, but trading process won't start automatically, because the connections to the broker will fail.

6. On the "Email" tab, you can control what kind of notifications to receive on your email address. The software can inform you in case of restart of your VPS or application stop. The AlwaysUP will start immediately all monitored applications in case of problem. We recommend to check do you receive mails by clicking the "Send test email" button after you fill the Email field. This will send a test message to the address provided by you.

7. OPTIONAL CONFIGURATIONS on the Application Tab:  

7.1. Scan period in minutes - That value control how often AlwaysUP to checking already added applications for problems. The default option is checking the running softwares on each minute.

7.2. Startup delay in seconds - The idea behind this option is to prevent start of all your MT4 terminals simultaneously, because this will puts unnecessary load on the VPS. In rare cases for example as starting of 10-20 MT4 terminals simultaneously whole VPS can crash. This option will prevent such destructive behaviour. The value control the delay between start of monitored applications. All applications start one by one from top to the bottom in the list. So if you want specific application to start before other application it must be placed on the top.

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