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Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

In below lines you will Get Answers To The Most Common Questions Asked By People That Have Just Started Their Web Site. Why Do You Need Web Hosting, What Is A Domain Name and etc.

Why do I need web hosting ?

In order to make your website available and visible for the world, you would need to have a place where to host it.. The hosting space, provided by web hosting providers, is actually the space where you upload your website data and easily makes it visible for the whole world, and lots of extra services such as firewalls, technical assistance, email services, FTP access, domain name registration, website building tools and more.

What is domain name and how to get one ?

The domain name is actually your website name. The name with which people will find your web page. For example : facebook.com, google.com. At NextPointHost you will get a FREE domain name with your hosting account. Click here to learn about domain names we offer.

How to build my website ?

NextPointHost offers a bunch of user friendly tools, which you can easily build your website. They are available with all our hosting plans. Also easy for management control panel is included. With it you can easily manage your web hosting space, create your own Email account, Upload/Download files and everything needed for the successful run of your website.

Can I start business on my website and earn money from it ?

Yes, you can! NextPointHost provides excellent e-commerce hosting services. You have just to install with our one click installer the desired shopping cart application, such as osCommerce or Zen cart or any other from our list. Use our FREE SSL certificate to secure your transactions, and review our tutorials for detailed assistance in managing your web stores. 

Why should I choose NextPointHost as web hosting?

We are well-known global leader for offering the best customer support and the most secure, reliable and avantgarde server technologies on the hosting market. You can:

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