AlwaysUP Protection Software

Stop lose money due to technical issues or unresponsive trading software

The AlwaysUP software is the result of our long experience in hosting business and financial trading. All its features are designed with the idea to maintain your trading without interruption in all possible situations and to keep you informed about any issues which can lead to financial losses.

The NextPointHost's AlwaysUP software is an unique application, part of AlwaysUP Protection technologies to guarantee reliable, strong environment for mission critical business software.  It  protects all well known trading software from accidentally closing or hanging due to bugs or misconfiguration. AlwaysUP automatically launches, all trading terminals in case of server reboot. It gives you complete information about what's happening with trading software, from server side point of view. This unique software maintain log files with information about:

  • start time of the server.
  • time of server reboot or shutdown.
  • start time of trading software.
  • stop time of trading software
  • the reboot time of trading software.
  • interruptions of trading terminals.
  • when the protection of your server is on/off and much more.


To be informed in real time about every possible issue of your automatic trading, AlwaysUP can be configured to send instant notifications, once specific actions are happening.

NOTE: The software was installed by default on each low latency Forex VPS. It's icon is placed on the Desktop. In case that you are not able to find it, please contact our 24/7 support team, to help you.



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