Autostart MetaTrader after server reboot

The easiest way to Automatically restart your trading after VPS Reboot


The original high availability forex vps servers, have many protection mechanisms for keeping your server running without reboots for long time. These mechanisms begin from physicaly placment in top data centers (class Tier-4).  Passing through utilization of own Internet autonomous system (AS), protected by multiple fully redundant cross connections (X-connects) in full mesh mode, to Tier-1 upstream providers. Using of Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), continue with using the state of art high-availability clusters and many additional proprietary technologies and configurations. Despite all these efforts, can happen situations which are out of control of hosting provider. Of course such situations are rare, if you use the top quality forex vps servers. In case that you are using low quality VPS provider, all explained above is unavailable! Be careful, because many unfair providers copy texts from global leaders. Then they put it on their web sites. This does not mean that everything they promise is true. 

Read this tutorial to the end will teach you how to protecting trading in worst case scenario of server reboot. We are using NextPointHost AlwaysUP® Software which is part of AlwaysUP Protection technology.

Go to Autologin tab, as shown:

AlwaysUP Autologin tab

Write your VPS password twice. Then click Enable button.

AlwaysUP Click Enable

 That's it all. You will see message that autologin has been set.

AlwaysUP Autologin Set

Now all protected applications will automatically start after server reboot.


  • In case that you change your VPS password, you have to repeat the above steps! Otherwise your protected applications will not be started after OS reboot.
  • The supplied password is encrypted! No one can not have access to your server without your permission!


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