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An Introduction to Cloud Hosting

In this tutorial will find a useful information about cloud hosting services. What is cloud hosting, what makes this service unique and effective in the IT world and etc.? Professional and clear explained of the topics. In the global acceleration needs of server spaces, resources and solutions, the cloud hosting is like an island with many opportunities for the personal, small, middle and big business needs. The most precious qualities of cloud hosting are effectives and cost savings. At the left navigation menu you will find links to additional useful articles for Cloud Hosting. We are updating that section with new tutorials. Bookmark the permalink as future source of information. Enjoy of the reading.

Subtopics covered in this tutorial:

What is Cloud hosting?

The term cloud is used quite often, today. Most common relates to the file storage. Actually, this is not true! That misconception comes from Apple's iCloud application or dishonest applications, who want to make a money, misleading the people. The cloud is master technology, which is made to handle and process, reliably huge amount of resources, for the needs of small, middle and enterprise business. The technology is not related with Apple, Dropbox, Google Drive and etc applications which you can find in internet. Let us begin as make clear the real Dedicated Cloud Server (DCS) is a virtual machine over chain of many physical server machines that works all in one, as one. The united resources of those physical machines are huge and makes the cloud enviroment. That environment is very stable. Much more stable than any other single hardware solution. It is practically indestructible and with unlimited potential for growth. Method of renting online virtual servers created inside cloud is named Cloud Hosting. Let’s look on the picture. That is how cloud hosting looks and efficiently uses the resources. 

The diagram explains how cloud hosting works

How does cloud servers working?

Let’s look on the picture above. The cluster of many physical server machines, assures a huge amount of power and resources. All of those machines work as one and makes the cloud environment. They are placed at Top Data Centers, assured with 2N+1 fully redundant infrastructure. Explained in plain language all servers and electricity, cooling, and network connectivity devices are double secured plus every aspect of securing have additional spare node. This explanation is difficult to understand. In short, we have additional spare device ready to replace the backup device, at case of failure. For example if at the moment in use are 2 devices, we have 3 backup devices. That's eliminate the possibility of electricity, cooling, internet or physical breakage risk. In case of physical damage, the cloud infrastructure, resolve the issue immediately, even without knowledge of the user. This guarantee 99.9999% uptime of the Cloud Server. Every user on the cloud server takes own virtual space according to needs. Due to practically non-exhaustive resources of the infrastructure, the cloud server can be scaled on demand with resources without interruption of the service.

Differences between Cloud Computing Services

After the financial crisis 2007-2008 enterprise businesses looking for way to reduce their IT costs for buying and maintain many physical server machines who stays underutilized most of the time. In response to this search, visionary companies as NextPointHost, created new service, named "Cloud hosting" or "Cloud computing". The cloud hosting is an innovating service, based on cloud server. That's the way of virtualizing the whole server, including hardware components as CPU, RAM, disk space, network cards and etc. In the beginning, it was a reserved area for big business in need of huge resources, that can be provisioned and scaled on demand. Today cloud hosting becomes attractive and understandable for the small and middle range business. This in turn led to the emergence of two new sub-branches of services, based on the new high performance and reliable cloud servers. Their names are SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Often they can be mistaken with cloud hosting. They aren't cloud hosting! These are the services based on real cloud hosting! Visually, they can be represented in this way.

Software as a Service and Platform as a Service as part of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can be divided into three types, depending on the ownership of physical infrastructure.

  • Private cloud - Physical clusters and all cloud servers inside the cloud infrastructure are owned by single company. This type of cloud is used for internal purposes. For example some government organizations have own clouds.
  • Public Cloud - Physical clusters and cloud infrastructure are owned by cloud provider, as NextPointHost, The cloud servers inside the cloud are owned by 3rd parties.
  • Hybrid cloud - Part of physical clusters and cloud infrastructure is owned by cloud provider and another part os owned by big business organization. Usually such kind of collaborations are used by companies who already own infrastructures, but it isn't enough for their current needs.

Benefits of NextPointHost Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Cloud Servers are state of art technology. They have many advantages versus physical servers. Most important is that they doesn't have any drawbacks. They are the future! They are the main building block of the future Internet of Things. Next lines will show the several of cloud servers benefits:

Scalability - Cloud servers are very flexible in their ability to scale. They can scaling horizontally and vertically without problems. You can adding more cloud servers to your system for less than minute. This might involve adding more web servers to better manage traffic, adding new servers to a region to reduce latency, or adding more database workers to increase data transfer speed. Vertical scaling, or "scaling up", when a single server is upgraded with additional resources is also supported. This might be an expansion of available memory, an allocation of more CPU cores, or some other upgrade that increases that server's capacity. NextPointHost offer vertical upgrades of resources even without system reboot. That's very useful feature in case of upgrades of mission critical servers.

Reliable – no risk of stopping or interrupting the service, losing information etc. As already explained in above lines, this service guaranteed 99.9999% uptime and it is protected by 2N+1 full redundancy mechanisms. It is impossible level for single physical device.

Small Costs – There are no investments in hardware, IT specialists, server spaces, electricity etc. Cloud servers have unmatched low prices for their reliability rates. Compare how much will cost you single cloud server with desired resources, compared to the cost for the same reliability of physical devices to achieve 2N+1 full redundancy scheme? Let's begin with counting the minimum checklist of what you need:

  • 3 physical servers.
  • 2 redundant electricity sources of power. 
  • 3 backup diesel generators at case of problem with one of your main power sources.
  • Enough diesel for at least 72 hours.
  • Guaranteed fuel supply, if the main power source is not recovered for more than 72 hours.
  • 3 unstoppable power supply (UPS) devices.
  • 3 cooling units.
  • Building with fire protection system which can stop fire without usage of liquids. Remember that using liquids will lead to irresistible consequences from your servers. In other word, you'll lost all data on it.
  • 24/7 Security team and access control.
  • 3 different network providers.
  • Sufficient knowledge to deal with setting up and managing all of the aspects described above. Otherwise, you have to add a lot of money for these tasks as well.

Count yourself, how much are the costs for the list? Do we have to spend so much time and money to provide all this? Of course not. Purchase your Dedicated Cloud Server now!

Huge effectivity – The client uses just how many needs! No more free or insufficient resources of RAM, CPU, Network connectivity and etc. All the benefits of the services makes it so flexible and according to the size of clients’ needs.

Eco-green IT solution - There is no lavish and throw away in needless hardware machines, electricity, etc. The consumer society we live in buy more, without needing. IT resources are not correctly allocated. The economic and environment gets negative impacts, by wasting much money and polluting the nature. 
Be Smart! Think Green! Cloud hosting increase effective resource usage and save the green planet!


What makes Nexpointhost cloud hosting different?

Every other competitor offers Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) as cloud hosting. As already know from previous lines of the article, that's are very limited services. They don't have the advantages of Dedicated Cloud servers. They cann't be used in all areas where our servers are applicable. It is very important to remember that Nextpointhost provides fully virtualized server, that have the same hardware as physical server! The same performance levels as on the physical server. The same operating system - Linux or Windows. The same versions which are installed on physical devices. No differences! You don't need to learning new technologies. Use it as your everyday computer! Use comfort, easy and in well know environment. We are unique also that physical clusters, doesn't have an underlying operating system. They are extremely efficient due to the lack of a "middleman" between the hardware and the virtual servers. The our cloud infrastructure is so user-friendly made, that 99% of clients, forgot that they manage virtual server. Often we receive questions why their physical servers doesn't work so well as our cloud servers. Feel the cloud differences, alone! 

Security aspects of Dedicated Cloud

NextPointHost Cloud servers have the same devices like physical server. The operation system is the same as operation system of physical server. The all instrumentation for securing servers are available. In cloud server the client's information is extremely secure. The client have full control access on the information and processes in his cloud server. Resources of every cloud server are isolated from resources of others servers inside the cloud. The processes of communication between two cloud servers inside the cloud, happens in the same way as communications between two different physical servers inside same data center. There is no way of unauthorized access. You get the same level of security as a physical server. Our physical clusters, doesn't have an underlying operating system. They are extremely efficient due to the lack of a "middleman" between the hardware and the virtual servers. That's why even we as owner of the cloud, don't have any kind of access to client's processes. From our point of view the dedicated cloud server is black box.

Cloud hosting usage

Cloud Hosting has been created with increasing competitiveness through cost reduction, greater flexibility, elasticity and optimal resource utilization. It can be used everywhere, where system resources are needed, as high-efficient replacement of physical servers. Here are a few situations where cloud hosting is used to enhance the ability to achieve business goals.

  • File storage.
  • Host of Applications for business processes.
  • Hosting of big web sites as eCommerce sites, social networks, community portals, education portals and etc.
  • Creation of web hosting reseller businesses.
  • Creation of own SaaS and PaaS services.
  • Backup solutions for business.
  • Disaster recovery solutions.
  • Test and development.
  • Big data analytics.


The Cloud Hosting service is an innovative and hi-tech service, which helps the users with real business solutions by saving money, increasing the productivity and totally assures and protects the information and processes. We hope this article helps you understand what Cloud hosting is and how it works. In case you have any additional questions, feel free to submit them as comments to us. Grab today your Fast, reliable and cost-effective Cloud Server from the oldest cloud provider in Europe! It will enable you to apply everything learned in this tutorial. In case that article helped you to answer some of your questions, Share it inside all social networks! Share it inside the forums. Share it into websites. Let all people know, how valuable the article is! That simple step will help us to provide you more articles in the future.  Thank you for the support!

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