WordPress Manual Installation

Learn how to install WordPress manually

In this tutorial, we are going to explain you, step by step how to make installation of the latest WordPress version manually. You will create new website from scratch. Guide is aimed at the most experienced webmasters. To complete all steps, will need 10-15 minutes. There are easier ways to install WordPress from beginers as One-click installer and by advanced users using Softaculous auto-installer. Of course sometimes is better to make a manual WordPress installation and configuration.

There are several benefits of manual installation: Well – know the pros and cons of the WordPress platform. Meet with the platform in depth. The knowledge of the platform gives you confidence. In case of need of a troubleshoot. More ways for customization and etc.



Subtopics covered in this tutorial:



Follow the next steps carefully to install WordPress Manually.

Download the WordPress installation package

1. Download WordPress latest version from the official website.

Download WordPress latest version from official website

Click on "Download WordPress" button. Save .zip file containing the installation code, on your local device.

Upload the WordPress Files to Your Server

2. Go to your cPanel web hosting account. Open File Manager.

Open cPanel File Manager

3. Double click on public_html. The directory must to be empty! In case that you see files or folders - "Select All" of them and delete it! Otherwise you risk your WordPress installation to fail or to broke already installed codes. The deletion of all files guranteed that your installation will complete without problems. The deletion of all files guarantee, that your installation will complete without problems.

Double click on public_html via cPanel file manager

4. Now it's time to Upload the downloaded .zip file from Step-1. Click on Upload button.

cPanel File Manager Upload button

Will be redirected to new window. There Open the .zip file and wait until complete the process. Depending from the your local internet connection speed, this will takes between few seconds and few minutes.

File upload via cPanel file manager

5. After the uploading process is 100% completed and the line bar become green, click on Go Back to.

Go back to cPanel file manager

6. Now you see the uploaded .zip file on your screen. It’s time to extract and de-zip it. Click on Extract button.

Extract file with cPanel file manager on NextPointHost account

7. After the extraction, close the window.

close extraction window cPanel file manager

8. The extracted files, now are in folder with name wordpress. You have to move them in your public_html folder. Double click on wordpress folder. Now you'll see the whole source code of WordPress installation. Clcik on Select All.

Select All files inside folder via cPanel file manager

9. After all files are selected, click on Move.

Move button of cPanel file manager

10. Delete wordpress from the path which you want to move this file to, then click to Move File(s) Button.

Move files button of cPanel file manager

Return to public_html folder, to ensure that all files are successfully moved. This is a check procedure, in order to guarantee that everything will be fine with the next steps. If you notice irregularities, repeat the steps from the Step-3. In case that all files are moved successfully, continue with the next steps of tutorial.

11. Return to cPanel Main Dashboard.Return to cPanel main dashboard from file manager

Create a MySQL Database for WordPress

12. When you are on the main cPanel page,  go to Databases section and click on MySQL Databases.

MySQL database menu inside cPanel web hosting account of NextPointHost

Create New Database  and New User. Grant All permissions of newly created user to newly created database. If you don't know how to do it. Follow the steps of our tutorial  Creating MySQL Database and user. These steps are out of the scope of current tutorial. We assume you have already prepared the database. Now you can continue with the next steps of WordPress installation.

Installation process through WordPress wizard

13. In new tab of your web browser, open your domain name. Now you will see the manual installation wizard of WordPress. Choose Language and click on Continue button.

Choose Language of WordPress installation

14. Read the Message and click on Lets Go.

Let's go button of WordPress Installation Wizard

15. Fill your database name, database user and password. These are credentials which you created earlier in Step-12 of current tutorial.

Fill the Database credentials for WordPress Installation wizard

Click ot Submit button. Then click on the "Run the installation" button.

Run the WordPress installation

16. Fill the required information. Save the automatically generated password or provide new strong password. This is the WordPress admin password. It's very important to save it! You'll use that password, every time when you need to change something on your website. Now click on Install WordPress button.

Filling the WordPress site name, admin credentials and etc during the installation

17. Succeeded! Almost Done! Click on LogIn. Fill your username and password from the previous step.

First login at newly installed wordpress

Go to Your Great Wordpress site. to visit your website. Start posting in your new site.


Even though there are differences between WordPress ways of installation, the already installed website have the same functionalities. 
Continue to read our next section "Create a Website with WordPress". There show you how to publish a first WordPress post. You'll understand the differences between post and page. Find many additional real life tips and tricks of WordPress management.

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