WordPress Softaculous Installation

Learn How to Use Softaculous to Install WordPress

The installation of WordPress with Softaculous is an easy and flexible. It will take only few minutes. No programing skills required. The steps will create a fully functional WordPress website. 

The benefits of using this way, instead use of one click installer are obvious: you can choose username and password. They are not automatically generated. That will make it easy for you to remember them. You can choose your personal WordPress Theme during the process of installation.

Follow next steps to install your Wordpress site with Softaculous:

1. Login to your cPanel account.

2. Scroll the page and go to SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER section.

3. Click on WordPress logo.

WordPress logo at first step of installation via Softaculous

4. On the next page, click on Install Now button.

Step-4 of WordPress installation via Softaculous

5. Let's configure the software setup: Choose protocol from the drop down menu. We recommend to use http:// protocol. Yes, we know that https:// is better from security point of view! In section "WordPress SSL certificates" will find articles how to "Setting up WordPress to Use SSL and HTTPS" and etc. Now during installation is better to use http://. That will prevent problems with the installation. The installation over https, require additional complicated configurations. They are out of the scope of current tutorial.

Step-5 WordPress installation via Softaculous Choose Protocol

6. Set your Admin Account. Write username and password which are easy for your to remember. This will help you to manage your wordpress site in future. We recommend you to use strong secure password to protect your website access. The Strong password components include : Capital letter, small letter, symbol and number. To generate a strong password. Press the yellow key.

Step-6 WordPress installation via Softaculous set admin password

7. Select WordPress Theme. Personalize your website by using the most appropriate view for the occasion. Important! After you have chosen your theme. Fill your email. There you will receive instructions how to access your WordPress administration page. At the end click on Install button.

Step-7 WordPress installation via Softaculous final

Congratulation! The dreamed website is ready for use!

Link for access new installed WordPress via Softaculous

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