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Learn about the technologies guaranteeing stable work of your server at all possible situations

We, the development team of NextPointHost, know that high constant profit can be achieved with stable trading process without interruptions, delay or slippage. Guaranteeing these conditions is impossible, if you are using local PC or mobile device for trading. Starting financial operations from your home computer, office computer, or even the worse case scenario on your mobile device is a recipe for losing money. It does not matter:

  • What kind of trader are you – Scalper or Day Trader or Swing Trader or Position Trader or some other type.
  • What exactly do you trade – Forex, Commodity, Indices, Shares, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Bonds or Cryptocurrencies
  • That you have successful strategy.
  • The trading software which you use.
  • All the other factors you have thought of.


The failure to carry out a quick commercial process, lead to do not make sense from all done work. A fact that few people pays attention to! The most people treat the home computers, the laptops or mobile devices as reliable devices. The bitter truth, is that they are Totally Unreliable. Continue to read next lines of the article to it’s end. You will understand, why all these devices are unreliable.

Do you remember:

  • How many times your internet connection has been interrupted? Simply that you were far away from your Wifi router.
  • How often you are rebooting your device due installation of updates?
  • The last time the electricity stopped or the battery has been drained?
  • There are have many similar situations in our everyday life. The scope of this article is not to list the all possible situations. They are too much. We listed one of the most common. So let's continue.


The Successful traders are these ones, who protect themselves from all possible situations of interruption of the trading! They do not leave nothing on chance. This is their key for success! Unsuccessful traders, lose money every day, due to simple things as in the above examples. Self-confidence and the over-belief, makes them to think “it can't happen to me”. Do you think it`s true? How many of us have backup internet provider, who can switch without interruption of the connections? Or maybe we have unstoppable power supply and generators which can keep our devices up and running without electricity?

Be the winner! The winner takes it all! Use specially optimized trading server with AlwaysUP Protection. Do not leave the outlet of your trade to depend from single device.

The AlwaysUP Protection is common name for many proprietary technologies and configurations developed by Next Point Host SMLLC (a.k.a NextPointHost) and first used in mid-2010. All these technologies work together in order to guarantee reliable, strong environment for the mission critical business software. The improving of technologies is a continuous process. Today "AlwaysUP" covering all layers of high availability services. Beginning with physical placement of hardware into strategically located Top Data Centers – class Tier-4. Our Tier-4 data centers have highest possible level of protection. Passing through utilization of own Internet autonomous system (AS). Protected by multiple fully redundant cross connections (X-connects) in full mesh mode, to Tier-1 upstream providers. Using of Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). Continue with using the state of art High-availability clusters. Things do not end here. We are continuing to the next layers, where utilizing virtual machines with zero fault tolerance. Continuing to the top with automated security updates without need of reboots. We achieve the top with AlwaysUP by NextPointHost application installed inside your OS. This is the icing on the cake. This is the tip of the iceberg that you see. The whole remaining part, underwater is under 24/7 surveillance by us. You don't need to worry about it. We are your angel guards who work tirelessly to protect your trading. The AlwaysUP by NextPointHost unique software is responsible for the monitoring, immediately resolutions of the issues and your notifications about the situation. It is the only part which require your attention – putting the protection shield for the desired trading terminals.

For you is the pleasure of earning money!

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