AlwaysUP Protection for MetaTrader terminal

Learn How to Use the AlwaysUP® Software

     In this tutorial we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use NextPointHost AlwaysUP® Software. This unique software is installed by default on each profitable trading server. It's icon is placed on the Desktop. In case you can not handle the configuration yourself, please contact our 24/7 support team, to help you.

First, login to your forex vps. Windows 10 Remote desktop main window with filled access credentials

Start AlwaysUP with administrator permissions. Use option "Run as administrator", as shown on the picture.

Start AlwaysUp Software

You will see security message from User Account Control (UAC). Click Yes and give the necessary permissions:

User Account Control (UAC) warning message

Then you will see the main window of AlwaysUP application. There click on the "Add" button, as shown on below picture:

Add application inside AlwaysUP

Mark the MetaTrader terminal, which you want to protect and click the "Open" button:

Add application at AlwaysUP Step-2

Repeat the Add step, for all additional MetaTrader platforms which you use. Once you complete, activate the protection mechanisms. Click "Start monitoring" button.

Start AlwaysUP monitoring

The above steps instruct AlwaysUP to re-open accidentally closed or crashed trading terminals. The monitoring will help to keeping your trading constantly on.


When you login into trading account for first time. 
DON'T Forget
to select, the checkbox "Save account information". This window is located inside your MetaTrader terminal.

MetaTrader save account information


If the checkbox "Save account information" is not selected, MetaTrader will be restarted, in case of problem, but your trading will not continue automatically! Because terminal will not be able to initialize connection to the broker's server. All forex brokers require to login to your trading account, before to start trading.

Don't worry about your password! It is storing securely into encrypted hash. No one can not restore it from that hash. This is a feature of MetaTrader itself. This functionality is NOT developed by NextPointHost team. The option is available on all MT4 terminals, no matter where they are installed.

Here is the end of our tutorial on setting up AlwaysUP monitoring. Bookmark the permalink as future source of information.

This is the feature, responsible for keep your trading terminals constantly running.

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